Saturday, April 01, 2006


Dear Tired

Thank you for your valuable input on the Scaryduck forums. Keep it up!
Alternatively, if you don't like what you're reading, you might want to go off quietly and do something better.

I haven't got time for customer relations, so...AC

What a gent! No whining other than a general suggestion on the forum that I may be suffering from a mid-life crisis (20 years too soon but he may be right). Hats off to the duck - having suffered an unprovoked attack of some vitriol, he's still alreet.

Quick note on blogging etiquette:

Unlike many in the 'community', I have real friends and am not looking to find any here. If something is pants, it will be noted. I will -probably- not be providing links in the hope that people will link to me and that I can then persue a pretend relationship with such people for the hits. The world is generally selfish, unfriendly and rubbish. I shall not pretend this 'slightly-quicker-than-ceefax-but-no-more-useful' version is any different.

I am anxious, though, that this not turn into a 'well-known-blogger' attack forum.

With that in mind, Mr. Biffo.

The last time (for now) I shall post in this manner.

Can't remember the url of the top of my head, but easy to find I should imagine. Sub-headed 'Bafta-nominated screen writer' or some such. The word 'legend' is mentioned. Fuck me. Brings to mind a twatty 22-year-old trainee recruitment consultant who insists upon having 'BA(Hons)' printed after his name on business cards.

Wouldn't be so bad if he'd written Edge of Darkness or something. My Parents Are Fucking Aliens on CiTV? Not even series originator? On CiTV??

Benefit of the doubt, thinks I. Before reading several posts of such life-sapping banality that I begin to doubt that the gentleman is a professional scribbler at all. Hence the following - inevitably - late-night post on his comments thing:

Tired Dad said...
Could you send me a list of the half-dozen people who may find this interesting? Perhaps - easier for you - could you just save it for when you see them in the pub? And well done for locking comments for non-bloggers. Scaredy cat. Afraid anyone other than your six mates will find you less than fascinating?

Mild by previous standards. But the reaction is inversely spectacular. Find out more soon. Late, I'm tired, favourite son has croup and I will not be sleeping any time soon.


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