Thursday, April 13, 2006

Second Intermission

I doubt anyone is actually interested in the results of my Biffo/Rose critique, but the sheer enormity of the fall-out is making me think that there may be some mileage in insulting 'celebrity' bloggers and cutting-and-pasting the results. Maybe I'll get a book deal!!! For a really pitiful advance!!! And really shitty residuals!!! That no fucker will buy!!! Because why would they; if they're web-literate, they can read it all online. If they're not, then chances are they couldn't give a shit anyway. Brooker, Blyth et al : honestly, have you even sold enough of the things to pay for a Kings Cross tit-wank (not Blyth obviously).

Anyway. Next, whilst I consider my next move: FIGHT!


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