Saturday, May 20, 2006


Common-or-garden blog-person was Ranting Dullard. These people are the best. They don’t think they are IT because they’ve managed to get something published on the internet, there is no self-aggrandisement and they don’t bang on ad infinitum about how they do something in the media and isn’t it all amazing. There is no agenda. They just talk about their lives, their thoughts.

Ranting Dullard is/was pretty good. But in the later posts, something was amiss. Mentions of surreptitious boozing in the workplace. Not in a confessional way either. Almost boasting. And tales of visiting an anonymous fight-club of dubious reality in order to feel alive.

He’d obviously ignored the first rule of fight club.

I leave a message on his comment-thing. Nothing really rude, no swearies or anything. Just of the shape-up-you’ve-got-a-family sort of thing.

The next day his whole blog has disappeared.

I quake at my awesome power.

Then have to change Favourite Son, who is hysterical with delight at the almost-unbelievable foulness of his discharge. I realise if anyone in this house has any power at all, it’s this little sod. Get over myself.

Find Ranting Dullard chap has started another one, and the ceasing of last one had nothing to do with me. Feel slightly relieved.

Then get quite-nice email from Dullard chap. I shan’t reproduce it here – have decided that stuff in the public domain is fair game but emails are private. Apologies Coleman. Seems he was wallowing a bit, and if anything my comments acted as a much-needed kick up the arse. All is well.

Wow, I think. Maybe I’m like the Knight Rider of the internet, righting wrongs wherever I may see them. Except I don’t have a talking car. Or any firearms skills. And have no law-enforcement experience. And can’t fight. And am very skinny.

No. I am just a tired man with nothing better to do late at night.

I check the comments on his new place.

May 12
Camie Vog said...
I am a close runner up!! Dude, you freaked me out for a bit there! Saw the crap comment on your last post at the old site...I was too tired to comment on it, so I hopped on this morning to blast the guy and your site was GONE!!! Went over to Fatfiz's site to root you out, all worried and such. Glad you are here! Want me to put this site on the blogroll, or do you care to remain secret?? I have tagged a new email onto my should be up and running, so feel free to email at anytime.
6:46 AM

Dullard chap replies that he actually thought the final person to leave a comment was well within his rights. I think no more of it.

I decide to leave a comment of my own. This takes place:

Tired Dad said...
Delighted to see you didn't intentionally delete the whole thing because of some prick posting a harshly-worded comment.

What *did* happen? Oh, and no-one should ever stop, no matter how shit people think it is.

Hope small person is well, and you and Mrs can find *it*. We've all wigged - hope the second adolescence is finished.

Please leave up so all your loyal followers can insult me.
4:54 PM

Tired Dad said...
Oh, and sort out your clock on Blogger. That sort of posting-time makes me think I'm REALLY REALLY late for work.
4:55 PM

Camie Vog said...
Not that I am sitting here all guilty, or anything, T.D. Because I'm not. I didn't have a chance to respond to your harsh worded comment. If I'd had a chance to do so, I doubt you would be as paranoid as you are about being flamed.

R.D. Been thinking of removing it on my blog for the same reason.
7:15 PM

See. I am nice sometimes. But I’m genuinely puzzled by the final comment.

Leave the following at her place:

Tired Dad said...

Carnie (or whatever) - what am I paranoid about?

And what does it mean to be flamed?

Do you possess a flamethrower? Is that what you are saying? Is it really?

Why would your replying to a comment of mine avoid any said carnage and apparent paranoia on my part?

Please explain.

Do you really have a flamethrower? Do you really? Like on Aliens? Could you send me a picture? Could you?
3:11 PM

Do you see what I’ve done? Yes, I am taking the piss. Aren’t I just completely hilarious? I have pretended not to understand internet-speak. I have deliberately miss-understood, and have not-really led myself to believe the woman has access to military ordinance. Like on Aliens. And have repeated myself like a spastic child. My word, I am one funny man.

Camie Vog said…
No, I don't own a flamethrower....a grenade launcher, but not a flamethrower...I was under the assumption that you knew R.D. in "real life", as in, outside of the blog realm....I also assumed that you were dredging in dirt on a public forum about a personal issue....Perhaps my assumptions are wrong. If that is the case, I apologize.Flaming is when you write a comment, and the other readers pelt you with comments about how you are an idiot. I wasn't going to flame you, per se, I was going to tell you that if you did indeed know him in real life, it may be better to speak your piece to him in person... Like I said, I assumed you knew him outside of the blog...that is the impression I got after reading your comment.I'm not interested in getting into it with you. If you don't like me, well, fine. No sence in being ugly to one another. Life goes on
3.06 PM

This is too good to be true. She has explained in some detail, what ‘flaming’ means. I can scarcely believe it.

She has reassured me that she does not own a flamethrower. But jokingly (I assume, but you never know with Americans) that she has a grenade launcher. She does not mention if it is like the one in Aliens. It’s all too much.

Camie Vog, you claim to be a reader and if so I hope you will take this in the spirit it is meant – the internet is a bonkers place. I’ve nothing going-on with the person who writes Camie Vog, nor do I with any of the people that write blogs – I’ve never met any of them. Many, however, create online-personas that are shite. You, my dear woman, are not one of them. But you are easily taken in, and too-quick to point the finger.

This is at an end.


Blogger Camie Vog said...

Tell you what...I'll stop coming around your blog, you stop coming around mine. I don't want to play your games. If I wanted to communicate with someone like you, all I have to do is walk out my door and do it in person with most of the population. Your "online persona" doesn't get along with mine.

So hash this comment to shreds, since it makes you feel so good. Cut and paste at will, it shows you have computer skills.

1:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh eck. Its just northerners isnt it? We are a bit blunt. Thats ok. A bit of straight talking doesnt go amiss round wigan anyway.

Just to clarify one thing tho my jimmy Crikett, I dont drink at work. Oh no. I dont drink that much anyway, I am an exercise nutcase. Saying that, I am enjoying a glass of whiskey right now. But I did work out like a mad man earlier. So thats alright isnt it?

Anyways, I too am a tired dad, But a happy one at that. Much like yourself then.

10:15 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

Glad all sounds well RD. 'Much like yourself' - either you're being very flippant, or you've noticed that the 'Dad' part of life is the best bit for me.

Apologies for taking your name in vain, but as it were all out-there anyway (or was), assumed you wouldn't mind. As regard anyone's drinking habits - I may very well have confused you with someone else. Apologies.

Again - what *did* happen? Did your missus delete it? If so it may have been the best thing. Twas very good, but new starts are new starts.

1:07 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

Oh. And welcome.

1:08 am  
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