Thursday, April 20, 2006

For Fucks Sake

I post the previous after getting son (oh, he has asthma now) to sleep, and recieving from daughter the most throat wrenching bear-hug known to man (from her, not me - this isn't that sort of emo blog. Yet) to be informed yet again that I've posted at four in the afternoon.

It's two in the bloody morning and I have a real job. I'm not fucking tapping away because I've run out of wank material and Trisha isn't on yet (I have never seen Trisha, have no idea what it is or when it is on. I have heard people I dislike talk about it).

Donna - you've attempted to offer some advice (and dissappointing lack of insults) - can you get back to me? Or any of the other two-hundred fuckers who drop by each day for no reason I can fathom. At least say hello. Or I'll find the rest of your IP address, and then say that your blog is a bit pants too. Then you'll be sorry.


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