Monday, June 12, 2006

I'd Forgotten

How shit are you when you begin reading the archives of your own shit blog?

About as shit as me.

The first thing I posted was commented on by a chap called James. In America.

Didn't notice at the time. But I 've found myself with a moment or two to check through this. The spelling is dreadful.

Went to look at his shit blog.

The most recent post on it went as such:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the hours of my discontent

i'm basking in the waning hours before i turn 20 years old wondering where the time went and how i spent my youth. i see this as a turning point, a critical decision on where my place in the masses lies.

at heart i will always be an irresponsible teen with a vengance for authority and a tounge for destruction but my weary heart is only growing old and impatient.

gone are those times when we played football after school. never to return are the memories of driving home at 3 in the morning from

Her house hardly caring about the day ahead. Perished are my blonde locks and weeknight woes.

I have to be happy with where i'm at or what good is the now, which is where i'm told i'm supposed to live. and with good reason i think.

it is time to become who i am destined to be in the abstract framework of society and the all knowing eye of God.

I know. Once again, Tired, you are making things up for the purposes of what you believe to be humour.

Have a look. It's true: somebody actually wrote that. I believe it is still there.

I reply with the following:

Tired Dad said...
I am assuming this is a 'comedy' post.Get over yourself - you're not even twenty. The 'end of youth' stuff doesn't really cut much bread when most of us have grandfathers who are less self-involved and doom-laden than the writings of someone that many - myself included - would still consider a child.I didn't become an adult until I was 31. Enjoy your fucking life. Be honest. What genuine, major, life-threatening concerns do you have at the minute.Do you feel 'a bit lost'? Get used to it.
9:52 PM

James never writes a single thing again. I suspect he took some drugs, fucked some women, got a summer bar-job and started working in P.R.

Amazing. I could write a 'pull-yourself-together' column in a national newspaper!

Everything will be great!


Blogger Cynnie said...

you havn;t been around many of our youth have you?
they're all 'world weary'..
I want to smack them all in the back of the head

4:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they are bloody awful. What a tosser. I hope he comes back to look at it in time. He may have recieved several 'therapy beatings' by then.

5:05 pm  
Blogger Mia Dickinson said...

Oh God! I might be one of those trouble youths! Sitting here in on a Saturday night / Sunday morning. Sober, under the influence of no drugs, without breaking any laws or rules of any kind.

Who said Im not having a whale of a time?

TD - Thanks for keeping me very amused in the early hours while I wait for my insomnia to disappear in the dark of the night :)

3:04 am  

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