Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am at work.

Having a cigarette with a man I have known for one week. And have instantly liked. This is not an everyday experience for me.

Instantly Likeable Man examines his cigarette.

ILM: You know, you can accidentally start a fire without even thinking about it.

Me: Mmmm.

ILM: I mean. If I were to pop into the kitchen leaving a lit cigarette in the sitting-room, the house would instantly burst into flames.

Me: Mmmmm.

ILM: Now. On the other hand. If you want to intentionally start a fire …..

Me: Mmmmmm.

ILM: It takes bloody HOURS.

Me: Mmmmmm.


Blogger dunadi said...

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10:01 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

D: Fucking Brilliant!!! We're all going to RICH!!!


10:17 am  
Blogger mr_glide said...

Instantly Likeable Pyromaniac may be more suitable in light of this conversation.

Good to see you posting again.

11:26 am  
Anonymous drunk punk said...

send him round here. I want the insurance.

12:18 pm  

Oh. It's you. Back, I see. Good. Very good.

9:06 pm  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

He sounds lovely. Why don't you try that cuddle move with him? It might work this time.

10:45 pm  
Blogger mad muthas said...

he wasn't round at your place the other night, doing a spot of cooking, was he?

10:55 pm  
Blogger Lee said...

Sounds like love.

1:44 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

M_G: I think he was a camping enthusiast. And thanks.

DP: Won't I do? It really WOULD be accidental.

NWM: Hi. Only 'sort of' I'm afraid. Due to home ISP grief I have time to post but that's about all.

PO: Now look here......

MM: Hardy har. I SHAN'T watch you on the tele-vision if this continues.

L: Alright. Christ. Look. I just said he was a likeable guy.

God. You write a blog full of unrest and ill-feeling and the minute you say that someone is sort-of O.K. you're accused of being a BENDER.

I'm not by the way. Gay that is.

I'm not over-reacting am I?

11:11 am  
Anonymous Dave said...

I always suspected you were a great judge of character.

12:27 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

I bloody am an all.

1:39 pm  
Blogger mr_glide said...

TD: Heheh, I see now. So context really IS all.

4:22 pm  
Blogger Lee said...

No, no,'s okay. Over-reacting is definitely NOT a sign. ;)

4:26 pm  
Blogger Clarissa said...

So pyromaniacs are instantly likeable? Must find me some.

9:38 pm  
Blogger jali said...

I tried to leave a lit ciggie in my car that's not working. then I remembered that I only have liability insurance and that I told blogland that I quit, so nevermind.

4:52 pm  
Blogger mr_glide said...

2.55am? Pull the other one.

5:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dunno i never hava problem startin fires at all..........

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

n theres nothin wrong wi bn bent either >:o(

9:15 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

M_G: Eh?

Lee: Thank goodness. Now, where did I put that Scissor Sisters album?

Clarissa: He wasn't really a pyro- oh never mind.

Jali: And you have now told the world of intent to commit insurance fraud.

M_G: You know.

Pup: I know there's not. I am Being Funny. Not very funny, I admit.

2:30 pm  
Blogger mr_glide said...

TD: Oh, it was just an 'amusing' riposte to a comment you left on my blog. Funny how explaining these things robs them of any potency. Well, not that funny.

6:46 pm  

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