Saturday, December 31, 2011

Film Review: Arthur Christmas.

I watched this with my Excellent Children, one of whom – Favourite Son (aged six) – will soon be taking a guest-spot on that film show on BBC1 with that Winkleman woman.

Me: I thought that was brilliant! [Glad of the 3D glasses that hid my irrational tears.]

Favourite Son: Yeah. It was really good. Except for the story. [Rolls eyes]

Danny Leigh must be shitting his pants.


Blogger punxxi said...

Happy New Year, TD. I hope things improve markedly( wetf, that means, anywayz)

12:09 am  
Blogger Furtheron said...

I like critics who keep it short and succinct - he'll go far ;-)

Hope you have a really good 2012 and things get better for you

10:21 am  
Blogger Alison Cross said...

He'll go far. Better than Barry Norman already and he's only 6.

Not seen the film yet m'self - but might give it a body-swerve. The tears. Those terrible tears that sneak out whilst the music is playing and you are trying not to blink because you KNOW that your eyebags won't be able to stop them from splashing down your cheeks.

Fuggin hate films that cause tears.

HAppy New Year - here's to 2012!

Ali x

1:21 pm  
Anonymous Em said...

Ha! I can hear you in his answer - very brave of the BBC...

Hope you're taking your massive pills and hope 2012 is good to you.

1:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another year to navigate.



1:32 pm  
Anonymous Monkeymother said...

I wanted to see this movie, despite the derision of friends and family, as I thought it would be a cheery yuletide outing, but I'm afraid FS has put the kibosh on it now.

Pity he hadn't given us his opinion of the latest Woody Allen. Would have saved the price of a couple of tickets.

6:37 pm  
Anonymous looby said...

Mustn't read too much into the utterances of a 6-y-o, but the ability to separate a film's quality from its narrative is quite an advanced perception.

11:12 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

punx: Thanks. We'll see.

Further: Agreed. And things are fine.

Ali: I'm stricken with a terrible condition in that I can face the worst life has to throw at me with total lack of emotion but will weep like a baby at children's films or adverts. (Still getting over the lonely animated CarPhone Warehouse phone.) And thanks.

Em: Thanks.

Ann: You too. Whoever you are.

MM: It was actually ok (co-written by Peter Baynam, one-time Chris Morris collaborator) but FS saw-through it's major failing. And his comments would apply perfectly to any of Allen's offerings.

loob: No, he's a smart lad.

1:13 am  

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