Friday, May 07, 2010


I don't ask this normally.

But I'm conducting a survey of my readers. Please leave your answers in the comment-thing below.

I have had 21 homes. (Actually 23 but two don't count. I shan't explain. These are my rules.)

I am 36 years old.

Mathematics isn't my strong suit but I'm guessing a new home for every year and a half of my life.

Is this unusual? Or quite normal?


Blogger Mrs Jones said...

I am thirty-seventeen and I have had 11 homes. I have no idea if this is a lot.

10:07 pm  
Anonymous Lee said...

Hi Tired, long time reader, first time poster. I'm 39 and have had 28 homes. But I'd say my life's been pretty unusual.

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Frogdancer said...

46 and I've had 7 homes.

11:13 pm  
Blogger zmkc said...

How do you define home - any house you've moved into, thinking you were going to live there for at least six months (but later discovered was infested with weird things that ate all your food and fell out of the ceiling in the kitchen at night [not referring to any recent personal experience - just imagining hypothetical possibilities, of course]) or just places you've actually managed to last in for a year or more? Or do you mean how many cities or countries have you lived in? Sorry, did you just want a simple answer to a simple question?

11:49 pm  
Blogger Max said...

I'm the same age as you (actually, I'm 37 in six minutes' time but I digress). I'm in my 14th at the moment - when I was growing up I only lived in two, the other 12 are since going away to uni. I think 21 is fairly unusual...

11:55 pm  
Anonymous janeway said...

I lived in 1 until I was 21, and then 16 over the next 30 years.

12:53 am  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Praise the Lord! I thought it was just me. Eight different places growing up and 22 since leaving home. I'm 39.

2:34 am  
Blogger Shackleford Hurtmore said...

I'm 36, and had 7 addresses.

3:28 am  
Anonymous june said...

I'm going to be 36 soon. Prior to age 18, we lived in 6 homes. After 18, I had 10 different addresses.

3:43 am  
Blogger Ellie said...

40 years old. 30 homes/addresses.

I've traveled a lot. My family moved a lot.

8:01 am  
Anonymous Dave said...

I am gay!

8:15 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

i'm 29 and apparently your youngest reader. do i get a prize?

i've lived in 6 different homes, and once got a christmas card addressed to "The Spain Family, who've had more homes than Ned the Knacker".

9:18 am  
Blogger Dave Shelton said...

I'm 42 and I'm in my 18th home. Two childhood homes in Leicester, two places during an art foundation course in Loughborough and fourteen since moving to Cambridge. This does include a few places I was in for less than six months though (including a friend's spare room for three months). Oh, and everything after childhood has been rented.

10:23 am  
Anonymous bongocrazy said...

Are you from an Army family? I was. We had to move to where people wanted to fight my Dad. I'm ten years older than you and lived in 25 addresses.

You're setting a fast pace. You must be getting fed up. I know I am.

11:08 am  
Blogger Carnalis said...

It seems an extreme way to avoid cleaning the oven.

It must be about now that you think of settling for a little longer.

3:57 pm  
Blogger Alison Cross said...

I am 46 and I have had 4 homes (but if you include student digs sort of thing, that figure goes up to 10)

Ali x

4:19 pm  
Blogger Moo said...

Hello, I'm 24 (now your youngest reader!) I'm on home number 8, I left home at 18...I'm hoping this will be a long time one!

6:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've had 9634 home's

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm 2 weeks old! i'm your youngest reader. do i get a prize? sod twat's!

7:05 pm  
Blogger punxxi said...

lets see, i am way way older than you, I went to 46 different schools before high school, that in itself tells you that I lived in that many houses by the age of 13...lived in a few more thru high school, including a foster home, and then i went insane and moved 13 times in 10 months.I calculate that i have lived in no less than 60 houses.However I consider my husband my home, so where ever we are that is home. ( thats why I remarried him after a 20 year divorce):o)

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Suze said...

mmm, I'm 48 and can count 21 places I've lived (my cutoff is that it has to be for more than a month), including various living arrangements while a university student. Your 23 doesn't seem especially out of line to me...

9:58 pm  
Blogger Pueblo girl said...

48/19. And some to come.

11:52 pm  
Blogger Rick said...

I'd've said yours was unusually high (but looking at the previous responses maybe not) and mine slightly low.

I'm about to be 35, and have had 5 homes, counting student halls (moves at 2, 18, 22 and 23).

1:00 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

35 and 14.

Have I told you how much I like you?

4:15 am  
Anonymous Carlos said...

I'm 28 and have had 15 home's.

8:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 41. 5 homes. I am not gay, but I wish I were.

11:30 am  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Since leaving home age 22 have moved house 24 times in the last 22years but sometimes moved back to the same place I moved out from previously - so 20 different places in total. Currenly living in serviced apartments in Saudi Arabia... but I dont think that could be called a home...

11:47 am  

40, 15. Husband 43, 24. If you feel like shit moving the whole time, it's probably not "normal" for you. Also, your blog is good and I hate you for it. Pizza?

6:17 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

Hello Mrs. Jones and welcome.

Lee: Welcome also. Unusual how?

Frog: Unusual it is.

zmkc: Any building that I've lived in for whatever period of time - not including 'house-guest' stuff.

Max: Ok. And hi.

janeway: Christ, what happened when you turned 21?

Wendy: Impressive.

Shackleford: Relatively stable, then.

june: Welcome. I'm starting to think I'm not that unusual. Bah.

Ellie: No shit.

Hi Dave.

Rosie: Hello and welcome. It seems you are. I'd never thought about my reader age demographic before now. Here was my thinking this blog was achingly 'hip' and 'with it'. Although if I'm using phrases such as 'with it' then I suppose it's not at all. Grr.

Dave: I too am a renter. It is the way ahead.

bongo: No, not a forces upbringing. But yes, it is starting to wear thin.

C: As the last move was to avoid repairing the washing machine you're not too far from the truth. And yes, see above answer.

Ali: Hello and welcome. I am counting the student days, and you seem very settled in comparison.

Moo: Hello and welcome. And yes, it seems you now hold the title. I think it's normal to have a brief flurry after leaving home, and it sounds like you're settled now.

Anon: I see what you've done there. Brilliant.

Anon2: Even better.

punx: By far the most astonishing answer. And really, about the re-marriage? Really?

Suze: Hello and welcome. Slightly reassuring news.

PB: Why? What's on the agenda?

Rick: I'm not really sure what to think now.

Rachel: Welcome back. One every two years. And no you haven't, at least not recently. What is with the new empty blog? Second time of asking.

Carlos: Welcome back. Although you have the same trouble with the placement of your apostrophies as 'Dave'. Perhaps it's best if you both don't use them at all.

Anon: Ok.

Andrew: No, I don't think it could.

6:29 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

NWM: You snuck in whilst I was typing. It was perfectly normal for a long time but I think I'm just a little long in the tooth. And thanks. And anytime you like. I believe it's my turn to pay. It's a bit of a trek now, though.

6:41 pm  

I am flying over next weekend. This time, I would like tomato sauce on some pasta. You will see.

7:23 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

I am suddenly very excited. Am going out now. Will be in touch.

7:27 pm  

You can come back now. I am stuck in Canada forever, scratching at the windows, watching BBC Canada and reading the Guardian online. It is no life for a monkey of my calibre with urgent business with a pizza from a basement restaurant

7:31 pm  
Blogger mondraussie said...

And I've arrived late as usual... 40/16

10:07 pm  
Blogger Mrs Jones said...

Shackleford Hurtmore - I live very close to both these places!

10:44 pm  
Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

I;m 42 and have had so many homes that, as I try to count them for your splendid survey, I keep forgetting and then remembering them, thus playing havoc with my already sketchy math skills.

I think it is quite normal, for a given value of same.

1:43 am  
Anonymous Em said...

Ha! Exactly the same as you. Even not counting two.

*The REAL Em* who isn't a lesbian but would shout it with gay abandon if it were so.

2:10 am  
Anonymous Katy Newton said...

34, 2 addresses. Weird, yes? Weird. I wish I'd moved more.

9:32 am  
Blogger Leaping_Fox said...


Nice symmetry... So either you're a nomad or you get bored easy?

9:58 am  
Anonymous Megan said...

41 and just about to move into 22, where I will live for just over a year and then move to 23. Longest I've been in a single house (after leaving home) was 3 years. On the other hand, I do not collect boxes and boxes of unwanted stuff and thus will never be featured on shame-making 'reality' television.

2:30 pm  
Blogger Furtheron said...

I'm 47 and had 3 homes including the one I was born in

4:00 pm  
Anonymous JonR said...

age: 30, homes: 15

4:21 pm  
Blogger Sewmouse said...

53 - 7 addresses - one of them twice.

5:26 pm  
Anonymous Meg McG said...

I've lived in 19 places and I'm 31. I may have missed a few childhood moves but if I can't remember it then I won't worry about it. I'm no where near settled though I expect to remain at my current spot for a few years.

6:39 pm  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

NWM: Settle down.

mondraussie: Better late than never.

Tracey Lynne: Hello and welcome. I'm sure you're right.

Em: Glad to hear it.

Katy Newton: Hello. It turns out that yes, it is weird. But I'd be interested in knowing what it feels like.

LF: Welcome. I'm not sure if it's either. Something I'm trying to work out and may become a bigger project.

Megan: Sadly I do possess boxes of stuff, but have taken the precaution of having them locked in a facility on some industrial estate somewhere.

Furtheron: That is just weird. Now officially. The running total states that an average person moves house every 2.51 years of their life.

JonR: Statistically, you are nearly normal. Oh and welcome.

Sew: Twice? Really? There are some interesting stories not being told here.

Meg: Hope you get settled soon.

7:22 pm  
Blogger Gaby said...

Am I too late? I'm 35 and I've lived in 34 places. It makes me sad, not sure why. I wonder what it's like to stay in the same place, but I'm kind of used to it now.

I am very good at packing.

11:21 pm  
Blogger punxxi said...

Yes, I was telling the truth about the remarriage. See you kids don't know everything!

3:21 am  
Anonymous Carlos said...

i apologise for my english , it isn't my first language. but no i'm not dave! i am definitely not gay, but there isn't anything wrong with anyone who is.

8:36 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

Gaby: No, you're fine. And good God, why?

Punx: Feasibly the most interesting thing I've ever heard.

Carlos: No need to apologize.

If my maths is right this now takes it to a house-move every 2.41 years out of a survet group of roughly 45. It seems like a lot to me.

5:50 pm  
Blogger Johnners said...

Bringing up the rear, am 41 and have had 11 homes. Wish it was more for many reasons!

6:40 pm  
Blogger droo said...

One more last one. I'm 57 (really) and I've had 28.

1:48 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...

Johnners: Welcome. Why more? And why'd you stop after only three posts?

Droo: Hello.

Amazingly this keeps the average the same: 2.41. Hmmm.

8:24 pm  
Anonymous Tessa said...

I'm going to really screw with your blog demographic Dad (pace your response to Rosie) and your averages. I'm 63 and I've had 18 homes. I've only owned one of them, which is my current one.

9:39 pm  
Anonymous TDub said...

I am not quite 51 and I've lived in 10 homes. Four of them average 11 years apiece. The rest were in college.

5:27 am  
Anonymous Pointless said...

I would tell you, but seeing as it will merely confirm the average, there's no point.

Oh go on then, 37 years, 15 homes. I have masturbated in 12 of them (houses, mine).

6:20 pm  
Blogger Mr Farty said...

53/4 - I think Katy Newton is winning.

11:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe too late for an entry from Australia... but 43 (gulp) years young this year and 10 homes in total...
Linda J

10:43 am  
Blogger Tired Dad said...


TDub: Hello. Welcome.

Pointless: And welcome to you. I am puzzled as to why you see fit to mention your 'me time'. And will not ever invite you to my own house.

Farty: Welcome back. It's not a competition, as I say to competitive people to annoy them. Try it.

Hello Linda and thanks.

To be honest I'm done with the maths for the simple reason that it *genuinely* makes my fucking head hurt but thank you all.

9:23 pm  

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