Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Book Thing!

How exciting!

This one's for one-armed transsexuals or something!

Oh I'm sorry. It'll be for a very good cause I'm sure and I'm in it when I get round to it so that's ok.

Perhaps I should stop pretending that I'm not flattered.

I've seen the list of people in it and it'll be very good so purchase it if you can.

I've agreed to give this some sort of link but I can't be doing twatting about with HTML text so the best anyone's getting is this:


Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

I was going to when I thought the War Child thing was to do with sending pre-teens to Iraq or some'at. Good way of decimating the chav population before they're old enough to beat me up.

Sadly we're stuck with the little shits so I couldn't be arsed.

If I start a book about the best way to run over a Somalian on a pelican crossing without damaging your car would you contribute?

11:12 pm  

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